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We have seen the growth of small corporate into big corporations in the last two decades. E.g. Reliance, HCL, Dabur, Sunpharma, Piramal Group, new economy Companies like Infosys, Satyam, Polaris, Mastek. These corporation are having smart recruitment strategies. They are also Reinventing In New People Management. In order to cope with the post liberalization competition Indian corporations are thinking recruitment as Prime Business Strategy for achieving High Business Goals. As Mr. P. M. Sinha, Chairman Pepsi tells “we hire managers with a winners mind set and a passion for create dramatic change”. Also concludes Mr. Swaroop, Ed (HR) Pespi Food “We hire people who are capable of growing the business rather than just growing with the business”.

Now the question is what should be Recruitment Challenges in the new people management. It can be detailed as under :

  1. Indian corporation have to attract people with Multi Dimensional, Multi Cultural experiences and skills. We have seen the Indian corporations attracting talent those are having cross cultural multi dimension skills e.g. HLL, Reliance, AV Birla Group, Multi National Corporations : Coke, Pespi, P&G, Enron.
  2. Have to induct out siders who are having new perspective to lead the company. Those are having vision, can drive the company in the right direction.
  3. Infusing fresh blood in the organisation. We have seen lot of corporations are recruitmenting certain age of people for achieving higher corporate goals. Through premier institutes.
  4. Development of new corporate culture which can attract people.
  5. Locate new people those who can be fitted in to company values.
  6. Devising methodologies for assessing psychological traits.
  7. Have to find unconventional methods of talent.
  8. Have to search for globally.
  9. Designing entry compensation on quality.
  10. Best CEO Recruitment.

Now the question is how to manage Recruitment Planning. Recruitment Planning can be managed with the following steps :

  1. Preparation of man power resource planning based on job analysis / Feedback.
  2. Preparation of specification of people task.
  3. Develop employee profile.
  4. Select Recruitment Methods.

Techniques :

Internal : Advertisement, Screening, Assessment, Challenging Job Assignment to high fliers, Abilities & Skills, Assessment of results, Satisfactory – Yes / No.

External : Campus, Interaction with the Institute, Preplacement talks, Training of Interviewee, Screening, Shortlisting of candidates.

Through in house : Screening, Invitation, Testing through Search firm, Appropriate Test, Results, Assessment with supporting data, satisfactory – give an offer.

Through search firms : Thomas profiling, Provide them clearly outline employee profile, Screening Selection.

CEO Recruitment : Prepare details CEO Profile, Search leadership skills, Outsourcing, Hiring through executive search firm, Hire change agent.

e.g. of India’s Best Hiring Company 1. HLL, Reliance, Infosys, Satyam, Dabur, TATA Group,

Rajat Sanyal

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