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Marketing for the Competitive World - Lecture given by Mr. Rajat - Invited by Indian Institute of Materials Management, Baroda (2002)


Indian marketing scenario has changed rapidly after economic reforms. Marketing has become more sensitive in recent times. Now the new segment in marketing is marketing by attitude. The world market is changing very fast, witnessing the consumer is real person real name. It is moving gradually from the marketing to the masses culture, marketing to target segment by attitude. Attitude is indeed new buzzword in indian market place like Peter England with its no snob attitude, fevicol with its unbreakable egg message, smirnoff with its see through the bottle plank, wear your attitude by weekender urges youth brand, frooti with just like that message. Youth has become the target segment for the marketers. Adds Mr. Dave Mccaughan consumer insides director, Mccann Erickson Asia Pacific “Attitude is posture. Attitude might be aggressive, self-awareness. The individual wants you the public, his peers his audience to realise with out doubt that he has an opinion and a style of expressing it.” Confirms Jules Fuller GM Channel (V) India “Attitude is not about arrogance. Someone who is cool has attitude but someone who has attitude need not be cool.”

We have classic attitude brands like Levis, Nike, Smirnoff, MTV, Pepsi, Weekender, Raymond, Coke’s take off Aati kya Khandala, Reynold Likho Script Apna Apna, attitude has changed the entire proposition. Brand advertising has made it impossible for mass brand marketing to go for attitudinal, to bring them with the realm of individual choice. Media exposure has added to the segment offered some international attitude optional like MTV, Channel V, Pepsi, Coke are the prime distributors of attitude. They sell the audience through their owm style of advertising. We have noticed that there has been dramatic change in social system, like rise in nuclear families, urbanization, rise of individualism. With these changes attitude is born. Attitude changes from generation to generation. The generation that watched Abhiman, Anand had as such attitude as one that watches (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). Attitude is most noticeable in youth segment that is searching for an identity.

Attitude has some similarity with western ideas like Jazz. Blues, Rock, Rap, Blue Jeans here in India attitude will be identified as Indian cultural context. Indian youth will have a western crust but he has to keep an Indian soul. Brand marketing is both contributing and replacing attitude trends. Marketers have to try to align the needs and aspirations of the people.

According a study by Clarion College of communication that a most important change to occur over the next 10 years will be the emergence of a new individualism. As consumer he / she will be more demanding, more restless, less brand loyal, more assertive for his rights.

Factors :-

  1. Disposable income particularly for low and middle-income group will have become significant.
  2. Technology, compensation will put at the disposal of the individual information. Marketer will have the power to exercise new choices through relationship building.
  3. The new individual will have a feeling of empowerment.
  4. The new attitude segment will have been caused by a shift in orientation from the long term to short term.

The days have changed. Desperate groups of people have started speaking different stories quite different from one to another groups sizes have diminished rapidly, segments that were categorized into male, female lower income, urban & rural became difficult to hold. The marketer is much confused for much depending on mass-market categorization. Brands perform erratically, consumer proposition failed, now the brand manager is in a state of flux. Many other things are happening in media scope, direct marketing and consumer insight. The new consumer segments has woken up in every corner of the country and telling the market research about his moods and attitudes. This is new segmentation is attitudinal segmentation. The attitudinal segmentation is emerging in Indian market place. People can not be clubbed into artificial categories. How can we define our target group, urban, educated, female age between 14 to 25. Today’s consumers are more diverse, he/she has an attitude not to be governed by geographical territory, not dictated by age bracket, not by the constraints of his/her income.

So we have to read the attitude right. We have to cut off all artificials to get right attitude.

Rajat Sanyal

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