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Human capital appraising systems in Indian corporates are making the transition from just repots to strategic decision making tools. We have seen radical changes in these systems. In 1999 widely publicized survey by HR consulting firm Heritt Associates, of best employers covering 155 companies across wide range of sectors showed Bharat Petroleum’s new performance management system had worked. All other firms have started to rethiink their appraisal system. Confirms this by Mr. Nalin Miglani Vice President H.R. Coca Cola India “The appraisal system has undergone a change in terms of being very system driven to very people driven.” We have seen in post economic reform period that bought in competitive MNC with their best H.R practices, H.R function also being viewed as strategic partner in all Indian corporates. Reaffirms Ms. Purava Mishra, people value consultant Hewitt Associates “Arbitrary appraisal system created serious motivational, ethical and legal problems in the work place”. We have seen that Indian corporations are shifting their traditional mindset to adopt standard global appraisal system.


  1. Have to create a culture of excellence that inspirers every employees in the organisation.
  2. Organizational objectives/goals have to match with individual aspirations.
  3. Motivate, equip employees with special skills necessary to perform their jobs.
  4. Create high career aspirations for especially talented mangers.
  5. Providing new challenges to rejuvenate careers.
  6. Forging partnership with people for managing their careers.
  7. Empowerment of employees of take decisions.
  8. Enhance teamwork in all operational processes.
  9. Allowing the voices of workers closest to the customers.
  10. Debureaucratise the structure for free flows of information.
  11. Job Evaluation
  12. Combating Job Hoping
  13. Countering Middle Mangers.
  14. Team Bidding
  15. Career Designing
  16. Gender Bias
  17. Executive Stress
  18. Employees Satisfaction Survey
  19. 360degree Exercise
  20. Personal Development Plan
  21. Balance Score Card
  22. Recognition, Reward, Rejoice (R3)


Job Evaluation

  1. To cover all the employees in the organisation.
  2. To deploy this technique top-down by starting the process with the CEO’s job.
  3. To communicate all the objectives of the evaluation to the employees in advance.


  1. Screening of team members carefully to ensure that their skills are complementary.
  2. Empower the team not only on operational but also self management issue.
  3. Setting down clear procedures which team members must use for interaction.


360 degree exercise

This has recently gained importance in Indian corporate scene. User companies Samsung, HCL Technologies, LG. The crucial part about this system is that it also includes feedback from client, customers. At HCL customers rate managers on several parameters. Affirms Mr. G. Ramu Manager HR HCL “The feedback from customers is a key input for us”. We are service organisation & their satisfaction level reflects the individual performance.


This system discusses the strength and area of improvement and tries to find out if the employee has adjusted his role in the organisation. User companies: ICICI, Gillette, LG. Tells Ms. Kalpana Morporia ED ICICI “The PDP helps the development of employee potential and paves the way for charting a career and development path.”


GODREJ Appliances has introduced this system. Twice a year the employ has to sign the B.Sc., which he lays down his key performance area in consultation with his senior for the next six month. After the dead line employee’s achievement is mapped against his target.

User companies: HLL, LG, Samsung, Reliance, TATA.


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