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Marketing for the Competitive World - Lecture given by Mr. Rajat - Invited by Indian Institute of Materials Management, Baroda (2002)


We are now living in knowledge society. We have also welcomed the new millenium with great fanfare and hope. We have to face broad challenges in this new millenium. We have experienced the growth of the manufacturing sector, ford assembly lines to the present emphasis on quality system. This millenium will certainly belong to convergence of IT, organisations have to leverage IT to get advantage in a highly competitive environment. We are having fast moving IT companies in this arena, they have shown their business excellence through optimum utilization of IT. This IT boom has introduced great challenges for this companies.

Now the question is how to put in place & processes that should be in tume with IT revolution, how to strategize, compete with globalization. Perhaps this is the prime challenges for HR in the IT industry. The IT industry is a service industry. Here we have to provide quality service to individuals and organization. The IT companies have to be creative, innovative knowledgeable. This can be achieved through human capital. This will also determine the success of your organization. We have to manage through HR whose intellectual applications that will drive your business.

Challenges for IT industry :

  1. Recruitment planning
  2. Performance management
  3. Training and development
  4. Compensation management
  5. HRM as whole
  1. Recruitment Planning :- Recruitment planning is most important component in new people management with special reference to IT industry. We have to deal with human assets so it becomes important and have good quality of people in the organization. We have to take the recruitment planning in very serious manner to ensure that we can get best talent in the organisation.

  2. Performance management :- Now the challenges how to manage the performance of your employees. You have to get right person in a organisation to manage your business. The challenge should be to create a performance culture where you can provide opportunities for enhance performance, where optimum performance becomes a way life.

  3. Training and development :- This is another challenging area in IT industry. We have to chalk out a suitable strategy for training & development so that employees are well equipped to handle the challenges in advance.

  4. Compensation management :- The IT industry is one of the high paying industry. This is very competitive industry, we have to attract best talent, offer best possible compensation package to the employees. Now IT companies are having ESOP with the compensation package.

    But the really challenge should be how we are able to incorporate all the subsystems in HR. Ultimately this would help the organisation for achieving exceptional performance. People have to be groomed to get in with the performance culture. We have to create an environment that stimulates the creation of knowledge, its sustenance will be the challenge for IT companies in the future. HR department can not function with traditional systems. Now the role will shift to HR facilitator, to facilitate change process. HR facilitator will have to involve the whole organisation in this process and act as a guide, coach, counselor and facilitator. Any organisation in the IT industry will have to face these challenges like Infosys, Satyam, Pentafour, DSQ Software, Micro soft India, Intel India. These IT companies are leaders in their own stride. They have excellent recruitment policies, huge data bank, placement agencies. They are also having rigorous tests to ensure that they can get high profile talent that will fit in their culture. They have best performance system that evaluates the organisation as whole. They have been able to tackle the quantum of performance with fairly efficient manner. The prime tasks for these IT companies is to build corporate culture. They are diverting all the efforts to build performance driven culture.
    The major issue for these companies to get right man for right job. We have to find person with the required skills, experiences, mind sets, and also he must be suitable for these organisations.

  5. Attrition and Retention :- IT companies are having high degree of attrition. The challenges for these companies is to keep this attrition rate as low as possible. Various companies adopt different techniques to retain their employees like high pay packets, ESOP, other benefits. So we have to keep this attrition rate as low as possible to retain super achievers.

Rajat Sanyal

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